Fund Information

Bristol Capital Advisors, LLC (BCA) is a Delaware limited liability company headquartered in Los Angeles.  BCA manages Bristol Investment Fund, Ltd. (the "Fund"), a Cayman Islands company with two feeder funds -- one for U.S. taxable investors (Bristol USA Fund, LLC) and the other for non-U.S. and U.S. tax-exempt investors (Bristol International Fund, Ltd.). BCA seeks deep value investment opportunities in both publicly traded and private companies, late stage pre-IPO companies (through private equity and/or bridge loans), companies that may be viable targets for activist efforts as well as distressed companies (either as a Stalking Horse bidder, DIP lender or purchaser of assets).  Industry sectors include healthcare, technology, traditional energy sectors and consumer products, but may include a variety of others.

BCA primarily focuses on the small cap sector of public companies and private companies with similar valuation metrics where we believe there is the greatest potential for growth. BCA evaluates the enterprise, financial condition, strength of management, strategy, governance, shareholder constituency, and potential catalysts for growth in identifying those companies best suited for investment allocation.